The passion and dedication we put in our job allowed us to come in contact with managers of companies from various sectors, creating unique, satisfactory and lasting professional relationships and relationships.

We are attentive of everyone's needs, so we are able to offer a targeted and personalized service for every customer, ensuring transparency and attention at every stage of collaboration.

The areas we operate in are several and varied. In particular, Seltis operates with:

  • Engineering & Industry

    Engineering & Industry

    It is the most involved in the fourth industrial revolution sector. Industry 4.0 is changing and above all it is intended to change the world of work. Terms such as additive production, industrial robotics, vertical and horizontal integrations, big data, cyber security, cloud, internet, simulation and increased reality have become part of the growth plan of an entrepreneurial fabric mostly represented by SMEs. Businesses envisage thousands of staff recruiting with innovation degrees. The demand is about highly specialized technicians in the various manufacturing sectors involved in management and control operations and in process development and design.

  • Banking Finance Insurance

    Banking Finance Insurance

    The banking industry is deeply changing. Digital technologies are the driving force behind this transformation, especially in regard to the rapid innovations of computer systems. The customer is more and more a digital client: independent, informed, social, increasingly interconnected. However, this change is not only tied to the digital world: if you're investing, you are very sensitive to your personal relationship with your trusted consultant. Transformations have a great impact on the professionalism required in this area, increasingly oriented towards customer experience, digital marketing and business analytics.

  • Automotive


    Italy is among the top three European countries by number of people employed in the automotive industry, represented not only by car companies, but also by large and medium-sized companies supplying components or services to vehicle manufacturers. The style chain works with a flourishing number of foreign customers or Italian clients with overseas establishments and the demand for in-house technicians is growing. In this lively economic scenario, the automotive sector is still committed to an important fight for environmental protection and emission reduction. It is estimated that in 2030 mixed propulsion vehicles will be the most sold in Europe, with a significant increase in employment in the electrical and electronic sectors.

  • Business Services Consulting

    Business Services Consulting

    The Italian consulting market has a size (0.2% of GDP) that is considerably lower than other countries. In particular, there are two market segments, very important in the Italian economy, where it is still very little used: SMEs and public sector. The scenario where consultants are working today has changed both for the obvious market changes and for the changes that have occurred within the recruiters. Those who acquire counseling today require specific expertise on a business area or the problems of their industry of reference; it seeks out a propositiveness that goes from the expressed problems to the hidden opportunities. It is no longer the time when consultants are called to find solutions to identified and internalized problems.

  • Pharma


    In Europe, Italy is the second pharmaceutical producer with a growing production, just behind Germany and right before France. The first factor in our Country's competitiveness is the quality of human resources and, in recent years, pharmaceuticals are among the areas that have increased the share of highly qualified staff used in research&development, industrial production and export. In all of these profiles, the common denominator is a high level training in the technical sciences area, excellent knowledge of the English language and computer science.

  • Luxury Goods

    Luxury Goods

    This area is currently experiencing and will continue to experience a profound and global evolution of its key aspects. Tourism is changing the concept of "national border"; the values and habits of Millennials, the new luxury consumers, are decisively defining future distribution strategies. Competition is increasingly driven by technological innovation and the ability to generate positive impacts on society.

  • Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    Extremely dynamic and competitive market, in which the goal is gaining customer loyalty through a comprehensive understanding of the motivations that drive consumers to their purchases and experiences whenever they come in contact with the company and their products. The best marketing and sales professionals are those who manage to generate the added value needed to achieve the highest goals.

  • Retail


    The retail sector is one of the most competitive, constantly evolving market, characterized by the constant recognition of large distribution brands, the emergence of new sales channels and ever-growing customer needs. Sales processes are becoming more and more complex and who works in this field must have the right tools and information about buying habits and customer needs in order to increase sales opportunities. It is certainly one of the most dynamic and promising work areas.