The selection of Middle and Top Management professionals able to meet the needs of our customers is the goal aim to every day. We do it with passion and constant professionalism, following step by step both companies and candidates.


We meet our customers to share their needs and goals.


Analyzing your business environment is the starting point from which our relationship begins. We consider the organizational structure, the environment, the values ​​and the mission that characterize you, the specificity of your business and your peculiarities.

We create with you the best profile to meet your needs.


Understanding the needs and the characteristics of the right candidate is a key moment in the process. Having clear ideas about what you are looking for is crucial and our job is to help you understand it. Identifying the personal characteristics and most suited professional skills, interfacing with the figures that will come up with the prospective candidate are important steps to finding the right person.

We choose the best strategy to find the ideal candidate.


The candidates research is customized according to the needs of each client, and is crucial as it allows to carry out this delicate phase with care and detail. That's why Seltis carries out various types of research: with the help of internal or linked databases, through job posting, head hunting, and establishing direct and targeted contacts.

We discover talent and help it emerge.


The candidate selection takes place with special care. We take our time to understand who we are facing not only by evaluating the curriculum, but also by understanding attitudes, skills and expectations. We think that each person has a talent and our goal is to offer him the opportunity to express it in the business context most closely related to him. Only at this point we present the best candidates aligned with your requests.

We accompany you through every step of your meeting.


We ensure constant support to our customers and candidates during all stages of evaluation, selection, throughout the parties negotiation period, up to the signing of the contract, ensuring total transparency and fairness.

Your satisfaction is important and helps us improve.


We take care of you with constant monitoring of your satisfaction. Loyalizing and creating relationships that endure over time is our goal.